Car Spaces
  • Total Area : 295 ㎡
  • Land Area : 102 ㎡
  • Internal Area : 240 ㎡
  • External Area : 55 ㎡
  • L: laundry
  • LIN: linen
  • P: pantry
  • F: fridge
  • S: store
  • DW: dishwashing
Ground Floor
First Floor
Second Floor

Disclaimer: All images, design features, views, photographs, diagrams and artist's impressions are indicative only. Dimensions, areas, fittings and specifications are indicative and subject to change without notice. All internal/ external furniture (including study desks and planter boxes) and white goods are not included in the price. Estimated floor area is measured to the outside face of all external enclosing walls and to the external face of all corridor walls and to the centerline of all shared walls and includes any ducts. Purchasers should check the plans and specifications in the terms of the contract of sale carefully and seek independent advice prior to signing the contract. The make or model of the appliances, fixtures or fittings specified are indicative only and current as at Nov 2020 – should these items not be available for any reason, they will be replaced with appliances, fixtures or fittings of a similar standard or quality.